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Junior High

AMSE Artist Honors Application


AMSE Honors Fellow Application Opens 
April 1, 2019


The Honors Fellow application opens April 1st and will be due by May 1, 2019.

AMSE Honors Fellow Application Now Open (Closes May 1, 2019) 

Apply to AMSE

Incoming VCHS students who are interested in expanding their learning and receiving hands-on STEM training are encouraged to apply by completing the online AMSE Institute application for the 2018-19 school year. Please note that this application is only for new students to the AMSE Institute. Currently enrolled AMSE Institute students do not need to reapply each year.

Apply to an AMSE Program
Once a student applies to the AMSE Institute, he/she is eligible to apply to a specific AMSE Program. Program applications must be completed each year the student wishes to participate. Applications are open during the months of May through August, with students encouraged to apply early.

AMSE Honors Fellow

AMSE students in their junior year who are on track to meet all of the AMSE Honors requirements are eligible to apply for the prestigious AMSE Honors Fellow Program. Students who are accepted into this program will be placed in an internship program where they will receive specialized training and mentoring experiences with industry professionals during their senior year. Each student will be working on research and development projects specifically designed to capture their individual passions and develop their unique skill set. The Honors Fellow will be honored with a cord of distinction to wear on graduation day. To apply to be an Honors Fellow, current VCHS junior students must submit an application, cover letter, resume, references, and complete an in-person interview.

The Honors Fellow application for the 2019/20 school year is now closed. The application will re-open in April 2020 for the 2020/21 school year.


AMSE > AMSE Institute

Junior High

AMSE HS Programs Application 2019-20

AMSE HS Programs Application Opens
April 12, 2019

Open Date: 4/12/2019

Close Date: 5/30/2019 & 9/13/2019 (keep open until 9/14/2019)



After-school programs offer students a platform to engage with exciting material and the chance to participate in life-changing experiences. Apply now to participate in an AMSE Program for the 2019-20 school year.

AMSE HS Programs
Semester 2  Application 2019-20

Esports Program Application 2019-20

The Esports program will accept applications from September 16-30, 2019. 

The following programs will accept applications through 5/30/19:
International Space Station, Ocean Discovery, and Robotics

The following programs will accept applications through 9/13/2019:
Agri-Tech, Astronomy Research, and Math Team


After-school programs offer students a platform to engage with exciting material and the chance to participate in life-changing experiences. Apply now to participate in an AMSE Program for the 2019-20 school year.

AMSE HS Programs
Semester 2 Application 2019-20

Esports Program Application 2019-20

The application for second-semester programs will be open from December 11, 2019 – January 10, 2020.  


Rocketry provides students the opportunity to design, build, and test rockets that will be launched to altitudes up to 10,000 feet. Students learn about aerodynamics, thrust, and propulsion, and develop skills on computer aided design (CAD) software and simulator programs. Rocket launches take place several times a year, with trips to the central valley in California and the Nevada desert for launch.
(Note: Students must be enrolled in VCHS’ Aerospace Engineering course to be eligible for this after-school program.)

AMSE > AMSE Institute

AMSE > AMSE Overview

High School


The JH AMSE Programs Application open August 1, 2019.

Junior AMSE Institute Programs Now Open 


The JH AMSE Programs Application for semester two opens December 11, 2019 - January 10, 2020.

AMSE > Junior AMSE


OLD - replaced content with new paragraph on 8/5/19
Junior AMSE students must complete the following requirements in order to receive “AMSE Graduate” recognition at the 8th grade graduation ceremony:

  • Junior AMSE Curricular Electives (Minimum 2 classroom courses) 
  • Participation in a Co-Curricular Club or Program (1 each year outside of class time)
  • 1 Science Project Submission (eCybermission (8th grade) or Rube Goldberg project qualifies)

Announcing XPRIZE Teams: Avatar Quest and Rainforest Quest
Friday, January 10, 2020
Innovative VCS students are on a quest to compete in two new XPRIZE challenges. Meet the newly announced teams!

Conservatory Students Perform at Prestigious Venues
Monday, September 24, 2018
Melody Choi won 2nd place in both violin and piano at an international competition and performed at Carnegie Hall, along with other honors; Ansel Austin was selected to perform at the Monterey Jazz Festival with a San Jose Jazz All-Stars Combo.

VCS AMSE Student Publishes Technical Paper
Thursday, January 26, 2017

VCS Students Make Space History
Monday, January 09, 2017
We are so proud of our students for accomplishing yet another milestone, becoming the first junior high school and high school students (as a school-wide project) to have their 3D objects printed in space aboard the International Space Station!

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  • Elementary School 1450 Leigh Avenue
  • San Jose, CA 95125 408.559.4400 FAX: 408.559.4022
  • Junior High 100 Skyway Drive, Ste. 130
  • San Jose, CA 95111 408.513.2460 FAX: 408.513.2472
  • High School 100 Skyway Drive, Ste. 110
  • San Jose, CA 95111 408.513.2400 FAX: 408.513.2527
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